Catholic Community of Caring

Our Catholic faith is our foundation and embedded in everything we do. Our Catholic faith permeates all aspects of our educational experience—in what we learn and how we live. Our schools have all established a Catholic Community of Caring based on the values of faith, caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family. FAITH We are all called to live out our faith every day at school, home and in our community. The Bible and Church teachings help us make right choices that are for the good of everyone. At school, we read and listen to Bible stories to hear the word of God, which provides direction on how we should live and work with those around us. CARING When we care for others, we treat them with love and kindness. Jesus showed us many examples of what it means to be caring. He was kind to Zacchaeus when no one else liked him or wanted to be his friend. He reached out to the lepers and cured them; he did not ignore them when they asked for assistance. Like Jesus, we need to be caring and look for opportunities to follow His example. RESPECT We are called to respect ourselves and respect others. God has created each one of us uniquely and has given us special gifts and talents. We are called to use our gifts to help others and make this world a better place. Being respectful means listening to others when they speak, remembering our manners, speaking politely and following home and school rules. RESPONSIBILITY We have responsibilities at home, school and in our community. At home, we might be given chores to complete. At school, we are asked to be responsible students by completing our work and using our class time effectively. In our communities, we are expected to be good citizens. One way to demonstrate good citizenship is by not littering and being good stewards of creation. TRUST When we trust others, it means that we can depend on them to be honest and always do their best. We trust our parents to love, support and take care of us. At school, we trust our teachers and other adults to help us to learn and become the best version of ourselves. We trust our friends to be respectful and honest, looking out for our best interests. FAMILY Jesus’ family was called the Holy Family (Joseph, Mary and Jesus). We use them as our model on how to show love, respect and caring for all family members. Our parents are our first teachers and will continue to be part of our life-long education journey. Parents and teachers work together to help us learn and grow, to become contributing members of society. Within our schools, we continue to build positive and inclusive communities where we respect each other and our learning spaces and celebrate our diversity. Our Champions of Students initiative is one example of positivity and inclusivity. The initiative sees that every student has a champion at their school that advocates for them, believes in them and sees them for what they truly are—a child of God.