O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his steadfast love endures forever. (Psalm 118:1)

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Saint of the Month

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was the first Indigenous woman to be canonized in North America and was given the devotional title, “Protectress of Canada.” She is the patron saint of Canada and the environment.

Symbols of Our Faith

The candle is a symbol of Christ, the true light of the world (John 1:9). A candle was used at our Baptism when it is entrusted to our parents and godparents with the words “Receive the Light of Christ” and instructions to keep the flame of faith alive in our hearts. We also use candles to symbolize, accompany, and extend our prayers. The Paschal Candle, blessed at the Easter Vigil, is a symbol of the Risen Christ that is engraved with several symbols of Christ such as: the Cross, Alpha and Omega, five grains to represent the wounds of Christ, and the year.

Prayer of the Month

Eternal God, as the great long season of Easter unfolds, we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the new life we have received as your sons and daughters. Increase your Spirit within us and help us to grow strong in faith that we might live according to your ways. Guide our efforts to make your kingdom a reality here on earth and serve the common good of all people. May we humbly proclaim your great love and mercy and be living witnesses of your presence in our midst that others may have a reason to place their hope in you. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Share Goodness

April 22 is Earth Day— how can you be a better steward of our planet? Try to incorporate these habits into your life EVERY day, instead of one day a year. Here are ways to reduce your environmental impact, support local and save money along the way: buy groceries and cleaning supplies in bulk using your own containers (Bulk Barn, Canary Goods, Apothecary, etc.), buy second-hand clothes and home decor (Danielle’s Consignment, SalvEdge, Peacock Boutique, Facebook Marketplace, etc.), or try to go zero-waste for a week (or more!) to bring attention to how much waste is created by your daily habits, and how to do better moving forward.