Transportation Fees, Waivers & Cancellations 


We charge transportation fees in accordance with our annual Fee and Rebate Schedule, which includes the fee amounts and explains eligibility. Parents/guardians have the option to pay transportation fees online. Please contact your child’s school for more information.

Fee Waiver

A student’s parent who receives GST credit payments from the Canada Revenue Agency may be entitled to a waiver of the annual transportation fees that the parent would otherwise be required to pay. This does not apply to monthly Calgary Transit bus pass rebates. Please contact your child’s principal if you wish to apply for a waiver of a transportation fee.

Transportation Cancellation

If a student’s parent requests to cancel transportation, then we may adjust the amount of the transportation fee depending on the number of complete months that remain in the school year. This may or may not result in a refund depending on what amount, if any, the parent has already paid. Please contact your child’s school if you wish to inquire about cancelling transportation.