Calgary Transit Pass Rebates (grades 7-12)

Parents and guardians can apply for a partial rebate of the cost of each monthly Calgary Transit bus pass purchased if their child is eligible. See the Junior & Senior High School Student eligibility criteria. A parent of a student who is enrolled in a Program of Choice at a junior or senior high school outside the regular attendance area in which the student resides does not qualify for Calgary Transit Pass Rebates.  

Apply for a Bus Pass Rebate  

Please note: At this time, we cannot process rebates for digital Calgary Transit bus passes purchased through the My Fare app. Only physical bus passes purchased directly from Calgary Transit or an authorized vendor are eligible for rebates. 

Complete if you're eligible for Calgary Transit bus pass rebates and wish to apply. Please do not email a copy. Hand deliver to your child's school or submit by mail to:  

Calgary Catholic School District
Attention: Transportation Department
1000 - 5 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4T9